Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Woman's Work Is Truly Never Done:

I can cook and clean and do laundry, but it is definitely true, the clothes we have on will be put in the hamper, the shower towels, ditto, dishes are done, but there are always dirty glasses waiting to be washed.  I dust and vacuum and the dust just falls again.  
  I clean the windows and mirrors, and it is no time that they are all smudged up.  I clean the bathrooms and someone has to use it.  
  I wash the floor, as soon as it is dry people are walking on it again.  I sweep the porch and patio, and leaves fall or the mowers come around.
  Ya, it's true.  "A woman's work is never done"... but at least it gives us something to do... right?
  If I start feeling down about it, I start thanking God that I have a house to clean, a family to clean up after and dishes to wash and enough clothing.
  As I type this, my husband just made a mess all over the kitchen floor.  You guessed it, I just swept.

Raining Today:

It's totally raining out today and the lawn service is still mowing.  They are going through puddles and they have rain gear on.  It never ceases to amaze me that the dollar seems to drive everything these days.  I remember when Scrooge WAS a real scrooge, and now people are expected to work holidays.  Some companies even threaten the worker's job.  
  When did families become obsolete to businesses?  I am appalled by commercials that promote family when you know the company behind the ad doesn't give a crap about the families of their employees... nor do they really care about our families.  They just want the money.  Sigh.
  Sometimes I wish times were simpler, then I remember, the times don't need to be simpler, I do.  I choose to spend my money the way I choose, not the way someone tells me I should.


Well, as you probably noticed the old blog has been deleted and I am restarting it in a different way.  I found that most of my ideas and recipes can be found on the net just about anywhere, and I want something different.  So here is my attempt at being different.  It is about me, my family, and my friends and well just about anything else I decide to put here.  I am pretty private so don't expect anything major to be written here for the whole world to see.  It's mostly just for me.  I need an outlet, and well if you stumble across this blog, then you will see it's not a "normal" everyday blog, cuz I'm not a normal everyday person.  I am me.  :)